Contributed:  Cloned master website for three new locations, integrating copy, floorplans, and images; proofreading.

Contributed: Creative Direction for marketing campaign, original logo design, social media administration

Contributed:  Branding, content and copywriting, creative direction & photography (ongoing)

Contributed:  Creative input, original web content, proofreading & copyediting


Contributed:  Site design and navigation, revision and editing of all content, photo selection

Marketing Communications (the cognoscenti saymarcomm) includes everything you do to communicate with your customer base, whether it's print, video, broadcast, or digital.
My winning campaign will integrate your brand and your value proposition in messages targeted to wherever prospects are looking.
Let's talk about it now!

There are many methods we can incorporate, from brand imaging, developing a mission statement, uploading video posts, coordinating print materials, setting up ads for print or broadcast, generating media presentations and podcasts, organizing trade show displays and branded specialties, maintaining an online catalog, issuing press releases, to establishing an active social media presence.  Each format has advantages; coordinating multiple pieces into a focused marketing campaign will increase success exponentially. Your campaign doesn't have to be expensive to be effective, but it succeeds when it's integrated.

I have practical experience in every format, but I don't kid myself that I am the best at everything (only writing). Through the years, I've developed a network of creative professionals who can complete our creative team as needed providing the best graphic design, photography, printing, coding, web analytics, and media production.