Whatever your stage of project development, I help you identify and clarify your goals, and we'll create a plan to reach them. Reinforcement of your brand is key in creating original content. Primarily a writer, I will reach out to my network of creative professionals if needed to complete our team and provide you the best in graphic design, displays and banners, media production, event planning, photography, and custom printing.

Editing helps capture your original ideas and refine them into concise and memorable content. If the current copy distracts with errors, if the writing doesn't "grab you" or say what you really hoped it would say, let me clarify it to a stronger voice for greater impact. I provide all levels of editorial review for spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, typography, usage, and style. Additional services include: indexing, transcription, ghost writing.

Marcomm can include everything from promotions and brochures, to business writing, ad copy, brand integration, social media, and video production. The objective is to connect with and retain current customers as well as attract new prospects. Whether you have an individual project or a targeted, multi-phased campaign, I can provide creative direction for effective sales tools and vibrant customer communications.

Don't believe the claim that video has taken over as the primary mode of modern communication. Words will always matter. Without words, there is no poetry.

Words make promises. Words specify distinctions, detail plans, document processes, facilitate translation.  An image may excel at capturing a feeling or a moment in time, but words can command the reader's imagination.  The best writing leads you along a logical flow of ideas with an unconscious exchange of thoughts as the writer's voice speaks inside your mind. (Hello.)

I'm Lorraine Alden and as Inkenheimer I've written for partnerships, non-profit groups, and companies large and small in support of their marketing and communications programs since 1993. My greatest strengths are the creation of original content; copyediting to polish and focus existing content; and marcomm (a/k/a marketing communications), including social media and public relations.  I'm very much an old school wordsmith - complete sentences, serial commas, and all. Am I the right writer for you? Review my work by clicking a topic, or contact me directly and let's talk.